Our Company Profile

Our Company Profile

PowerFlow Middle East (LLC) is specialized in Sales, Rentals and Servicing of Water Jetting Pumps from 5,000 PSI to 40,000 PSI, with Horse Power from 150 HP to 1000 HP, for High Flow Pumps etc. Our Products also include US Make Drain Cleaning Combi Units, Industrial Vacuum Trucks (Super Suckers), Bundle Extractors, Bundle External & Internal Blasters, Powered Flexi-Lances, Water Jetting Nozzles / Accessories US Make & Europe Make for various purposes, 40K Safety Suits, CCTV Cameras for Pipeline Inspections, Alumina Plant Special Cleaning Rigs etc.

We provide Services in complete Middle East & India.

PowerFlow Middle East (LLC) is the Distributors for:

WOMA- Germany: One of the largest Manufacturers of Ultra High Pressure Pumps, High Pressure Pumps, Compact Units and Accessories in the world, allowing extra investment for research and development, with vast range of quality products.

Stoneage Water Jetting Tools U.S.A: Manufacturer of BJV, BJV-20K Hurricane 3-D, SB-1 FCSG, Barracuda, Rigid Lancing System, Badger, Warthog, Centralizers and other Surface Cleaning.

VAC-CON USA: Customized Cleaning Equipment such as Drain Cleaning Machines and SuperSuckers, for use in various industries i.e. Municipalities and Refineries.

IDROJET S.r.I. & KID Extractor - Malta, ITALY: Manufacturer of Heat Exchanger Bundle Extractors and Internal and External Tube Bundle Cleaning Equipment.

Gardner Denver U.S.A: Manufacturer of HP & UHP Water Jetting, Tools, Water Blasting Nozzles, various Control Guns, Hoses & Lances, Fittings, Accessories i.e., Rupture disc, Pressure Relief Valves, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Regulating System, UHP Needle Valve, Auto throttle Control System, Safety Shrouds & Safety Suits etc.

WARWICK MILLS INC.: Manufacturers of Turtleskin WaterArmor which is safety apparel designed and CE Certificate to protect High Pressure Water Jet operators from accidental swipes up to 40,000 PSI or 2,800 Bar.

ARIES U.S.A.: One of the leading manufactures of Pipeline Television Inspection Equipment with Test and Seal Systems

Conjet AB Sweden: Manufacturer of Robotic Concrete Hydro Demolition Equipment for Concrete Repair Projects.

Enz Technik AG.: Manufacturer of Sewer Cleaning Nozzles.

Therefore, we would like to inform you that PowerFlow Middle East (LLC) local support is available with regards to your Equipment & Accessories Selection to suit your job, Your Crew Training, Back Up Services; Rental of Equipment, UAE Spares Holding etc

Best Regards,

B.N. Mukherjee

Managing Director

Mob: +971 50 4873 401